Mulu: The Next Generation of Advertising's Logo is a website that allows you to share the items you love in life, much like Pinterest. Its feed lets you post photos from affiliate sites or even organically, curating your own style in the process. However, only products can be posted on Mulu, because the site can actually help the user make money for themselves or their favourite charity.

Product curation through Pinterest-like feeds are quite popular right now (just look at The Cools or Fancy), but Mulu goes a step beyond that and has developed widgets that give bloggers the ability to create on page advertising on their own networks. Instead of most blog revenue coming from display ads or sponsored posts, Mulu gives the blogger the opportunity to enhance their content while also creating in-text advertising.

Influencers on the platform include actress Zooey Deschanel, rapper J. Cole, Lance Armstrong, and designer Michael Kors among others. Most online retailers pay between 5% and 20% for each purchase.

For advertisers, Mulu Box was created to solve the age old problem of getting your ad to stand out among your competitors online. Instead of buying banner ads, Mulu Box lets advertisers sponsor specific keywords to be inserted into posts. The keywords usually have a corresponding picture with link attached as well.


I think this is going to be an infinitely interesting platform for bloggers and online magazines moving forward. With 63% of companies saying that they are going to spend more next year on online advertising, a platform like this begs to be used. Just from browsing Mulu’s website, it looks as though they have focused solely on Mulu Box now over creating their own content feed. I can understand why they would stray from this, as there are a lot of options flooding the market.

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