5 Focus Points in Developing a Content Strategy

1. Focus on creating a cohesive content collection: If you were the author of a hit book and your publisher asked you to create a trilogy, would it make sense to have totally different characters, a radically changed plot and an alternative setting? Probably not. Instead of worrying about how fast you churn out content, make sure that when you do it’s compelling. Moreover, make sure it’s actually about your company, industry and the problem you are trying to solve.

2. Keep your discounts, sales and offers to a minimum: Sharing that you have a sale on is good, however if that is what you are only sharing about 5 times a day, 7 days a week then you probably aren’t building a conversation platform. Social media too has etiquette, and generally for every 1 offer you share, try to schedule 10 other types of content unrelated to selling. That way, users don’t feel bombarded and are more likely to engage with every post (including your offer).


3. Perform a Content Audit: A content audit is a qualitative summary on what kinds of content exist on a website. Not only does it tell you how your website is organized, but it can also lay insight as to your current brand voice. Performing a content audit helps you determine whether or not your current strategy is working and if not, why it isn’t working. Do this before you waste any more time and effort in developing sub-par content.

4. Let your biggest influencers do the work for you: Make sure to create an area in your strategy to amplify fan posts and positive sentiment. For one, consumers love seeing how other consumers use the same brand and secondly, this strategy helps greatly in creating a community. Reposting consumer generated content is a sure fire way to win some lifelong customers.

5. Create a lifestyle: By this I mean that when the consumer thinks of you in their mind, give them a clear picture to dream of. Every post needs to be consistent and relatable back to your main theme or problem; and no it can’t appeal to everyone. A lifestyle isn’t for everyone and your product or service isn’t for everyone, so stop trying to sell it to everyone! Check out the brand Topo Design’s Pinterest to see how they beautifully highlight a rugged, outdoors lifestyle on their account.

Here are some useful links below:

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3 thoughts on “5 Focus Points in Developing a Content Strategy

  1. I think I am going to print out that chart and use it. Thanks so much for sharing this information, it is highly helpful. I always found it strange to follow one of those up and coming businesses, do a sale, and see that they were doing another sale the next day. It made me never want to buy an item for its actual price. Well written and informative. Many thanks.

    Black and White Flyers

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