Content: The New Currency In The Marketing World

We as students find ourselves graduating into a new age. After the noise of lectures fades into your memory and the constant note taking ceases one final time we are emerging as budding business professionals into an age of digital exploration with growing emphasis being driven toward online and social media. Has this not been the case for the past 10 years? Absolutely I will agree with you that digital online technology has been a useful part of our lives for the past decade however we are now experiencing the transformation of social media from an exciting social tool to an important business commodity. This is where content comes into play and will hold relevance in every aspect of our business community moving forward.

So why is content all of the sudden such an important topic? Well the answer to this lies in the fundamental shift of producer and consumer trends. No longer can a company successfully market a product or service by simply blasting the information across the online universe beating their chests with the latest and greatest. In our current 2013 marketing landscape the buyer has assumed the drivers seat requesting and demanding online services and social media lines of communication. Consumers have started to search for companies and brands to solve there problems for them. Therefore if this model holds true then content becomes your most important asset as a producer and the most easily sought after commodity as a consumer.

Gone are the glorified days of Madison Avenue marketing executives and multi national TV ad campaigns being drawn up over martini fueled lunches. Over the past decade the lines have blurred and ROI has become increasingly difficult to distinguish in marketing departments. The emergence of content marketing and social media deliverance allows for a centralized and new way to measure the success of such efforts. By tracking peoples responses, interactions, click stream data and usage it has allowed for companies to gauge the success of its brand campaigns in real time.

In 2012 we saw P&G, one of the most dominant and successful companies of all time, re-distribute close to $10 billion dollars from traditional streams of marketing to social media research and development. This shows real time examples of content marketing emerging. By doing so companies eliminate the need for the middle man or brand distribution channels such as television and radio. Content marketing delivers directly and interactively to the consumer.

In conclusion, content is a companies currency. Companies trade this content for brand awareness and brand recognition. Every time that currency is liked, shared, retweeted, instagramed, discussed, debated or even disagreed, it builds brand buzz and validation. The goal for companies moving forward is to build content and construct a campaign worth the consumer to share, talk or like online. We are at the precipice of a shift in the way our world is marketed, content has become our currency.


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